Applies to
MSI K8NGM2 Series Motherboards

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (both 32bit and 64bit supported)

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123.68 MB

Driver Date & Version
2011-12-27 (ver.


There are three versions of MSI L8NGM2, your model may varied according to which region you live in:

  1. K8NGM2-FID
    1. GeForce 6150
    2. nForce 430
    3. Onboard GbE LAN
    4. IEEE1394
    5. DVI connector
  2. K8NGM2-IL
    1. GeForce 6100
    2. nForce 410
    3. Onboard IEEE1394
    4. 10/100 LAN
  3. K8NGM2-L
    1. GeForce 6100
    2. nForce 410)
    3. Onboard 10/100 LAN

Apparently you do not need to know which version is your MSI K8NGM2 motherboard before you go and try to find the correct sound card driver. The onboard sound card chipset used is Realtek and MSI is packing all the necessary drivers for Windows 7, XP and Vista under one big driver file. The driver file is 123MB in size and contains the Realtek High Definition Audio System Software for Windows.

Beside the Realtek sound driver, there is only one more MSI L8NGM2 driver available for download: NVIDIA GeForce 6100/6150 + nForce 430/410 System Drivers, which includes the following drivers for:

  1. Ethernet network driver.
  2. SMBus driver.
  3. IDE Sata Driver
  4. RAID driver.
  5. Chipset Drivers.

The NVIDIA driver is quite old (released back on 2006) so you may want to check with NVIDIA website for a newer version for NVIDIA GeForce 6100/6150 + nForce 430/410 used in your MSI K8NGM2 motherboard.

Download MSI K8NGM2 Sound Card Driver here.

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