Applies to
Motorola T7100 T7150 Two-way Radios




3.89 MB

Driver Date & Version
2004 (ver. KEM-PK8359-03)


Features/Specifications for Motorola Talkabout T7100/T7150

  1. 22 Channels

  2. 38 Interference Eliminator Codes

    Interference eliminator codes help minimize interference by providing you with a choice of code combinations

  3. Handsfree Use (VOX)

    Voice activation lets you talk handsfree with optional accessories.

  4. Talk Confirmation Tone

    It is like saying ROGER or OVER, and lets others know you have finished talking.

  5. Scan

    Easily finds your groups channel and code by searching all possible combinations while your home channel is scanned most frequently.

  6. 10 Call Tones

    Multiple distinct ringing options so your group can identify who is calling.

  7. Companding

    Voice compression for improved range and clear sound.

  8. Low Battery Alert

    Audible tone and visual display tell you when the battery is running down.

  9. Backlit Display

    Easy to read your settings in dark places.

  10. Motorola Quality

    Shock, drop, and temperature tested to meet Motorola high quality standards.

  11. User Guide Included

  12. Batteries (not included)

    Required 4 AA alkaline batteries or one NiMH rechargeable battery.

Above information is extracted from the User Guide. Please refer to the guide for other information. p/s: Just found out a similar user guide (for Motorola Talkabout T7100 and T7200) is sold by another website for $9.88...hmm..

Download Motorola Talkabout 7100 Specs here.

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