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Motorola VL50 Two-Way Radio

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Driver Date & Version
02-25-2004 (rev. 1.0)


This is the User Guide for Motorola VL50 Two-Way radio. The manual is in PDF format and is 53 pages long.

Chapters in Motorola VL50 Owners Manual

  1. Introduction
    1. Package Contents
  2. FCC Licensing Information
  3. Product Safety and RF Exposure
    1. Compliance
    2. Battery Charger Safety Instructions
  4. Radio Controls
  5. Getting Started
    1. Installing the Swivel Belt Holster
    2. Installing the Batteries
    3. Charging the Battery
    4. Charging Status LEDs
    5. Turning Your Radio On and Off
    6. Adjusting the Volume
    7. Reading the Display
  6. Talking and Receiving
    1. Basic Radio Operation
    2. Signal Strength and Channel Busy Indicators
    3. Talk Range
    4. Handsfree Use (VOX)
    5. Locking the Keypad
    6. Monitoring a Channel
    7. Scanning
  7. Programming Mode
    1. Factory Default Settings
    2. Entering Programming Mode
  8. Cloning Radio Settings
  9. Advanced Features
  10. Troubleshooting
  11. Use and Care
  12. Frequencies and Bandwidths
  13. Spirit GT Series Programming
  14. Limited Warranty for Motorola
  15. Accessories

Download Motorola Radius VL50 Owners Manual here.

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