Applies to
Motorola BB160/BB1000 2.4GHz Wireless PC Card, USB Adapter




6.34 MB

Driver Date & Version
4/17/2001 (ver.


If you are looking for Motorola BB160 driver, you will not be able to find in Motorola website. I do not know why but according to some posts in

I got stuck with this Piece of Crap. The company I bought it from stated in their AD that it had 24 customer support from motorola.

Well I tried to get some support and was told by motorola that they never released this unit to the public and therefore cannot supply customer support for it. Find a dirrerent wirelss networking sysytem. This one will make you insane.

Since Motorola has never release BB160 for public use, maybe that is the reason why we cannot find the driver on Motorola website. Anyhow, on the same website many posters are crying for help on finding the driver for Windows XP and finally some seems to be able to find the workaround.

Seems that a driver from Proxim is compatible with Motorola BB160:

Used the Windows XP drivers for Symphony HomeRF Adapters Software for Windows 98/ME/XP/2000 Professional Version 3.01 to get the Motorola BB160 pc card and usb adapter to work.

The file is Ran the setup.exe file to setup the pc card and adapter. Connected the Motorola BB160 gateway to a cable router and did not load any software for it. Works good for internet access.

So if you are unable to location the driver for Windows XP, there is no harm trying the above driver and see if it actually work for you.

Download Motorola BB160 PC Card XP Driver here.

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