Applies to
Mitsumi FA404M Internal USB2.0 Flash Media/Floppy Drive

Windows 98/2000




Driver Date & Version
01/26/04 (


FA404 cames with two model - FA404A comes with driver CD while FA404M does not. Therefore, you will need to download the driver from Mitsumi website (link provided above).

Some additional information about the downloaded driver:

PART NO: ------------------------------------ Install Version: Win98 Driver Version: Win2K Driver Version:

Mitsumi FA404M ulti-Drive 7 FDD (FA404) is the perfect choice for computer users who require a Flash Card Memory Reader that supports multiple card formats as well as reads Floppy disks.

The Multi-Drive 7 FDD is compatible with Compact Flash type I & II, Microdrive, SecureDigital, Multimedia, MemoryStick Pro and SmartMedia cards, and uses an internal USB 2.0 connection, insuring that all your data transfers fast and seamlessly whether it is a Windows o Macintosh operating system.

Download Mitsumi FA404M Internal USB2.0 Flash Media/Floppy Drive Driver here.

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