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Konica Minolta DiMAGE 5 & 7 Digital Cameras Instruction Manual

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06/28/2006 (ver. 1.0)


I wonder why Konica Minolta makes it hard for users to find and download the owners manual for DiMAGE 5 digital camera. You see, this is the flow to get the manual download:

Support -> Manual Download -> DiMAGE 7 Series (No mention of DiMAGE 5 here) -> DiMAGE 7&5

Anyhow...Here is some information on Konica Minolta DiMAGE 5 and 7 camera:

Contents of Items in DiMAGE 5/7 Packing

  1. Minolta DiMAGE digital camera
  2. AA alkaline batteries (set of four)
  3. Neck strap for DiMAGE 7/5 NS-DG7
  4. Lens shade for DiMAGE 7/5 DLS-7
  5. 16MB CompactFlash card
  6. Video cable for DiMAGE 7/5 VC-100
  7. USB cable for DiMAGE 7/5 USB-100
  8. DiMAGE software CD-ROM
  9. DiMAGE Image Viewer Utility version 1.1 instruction manual
  10. Camera manual
  11. Quick Reference Guide >li>Warranty card

DiMAGE 5 Technical Specification

CCD 2/3-type interline primary-colour CCD with a total of 5.24 million pixels. (DiMAGE 7)

1/1.8-type interline primary-colour CCD with a total of 3.34 million pixels. (DiMAGE 5)

Number of effective pixels 4.95 million (2568 X 1928) DiMAGE 7

3.17 million (2056 X 1544) DiMAGE 5

Camera sensitivity (ISO) Auto and 100200400and 800 ISO equivalents.
Aspect ratio 4:3
Lens construction 16 elements in 13 groups including two AD glass and two aspheric elements.
Maximum aperture f/2.8 (wide-angle position)

f/3.5 (telephoto position)

Focal length 7.2 - 50.8 mm

(35mm equivalent

28 - 200mm (DiMAGE 7)

35 - 250mm (DiMAGE 5))

Focusing range 0.5 m - infinity (from the CCD)

0.25 - 0.6 m (from the CCD) macro mode

Filter diameter 49 mm
Autofocusing system Video AF
Shutter CCD electronic shutter plus mechanical shutter
Built-in flash recycling time 7s (approx)
Viewfinder LCD Ferroelectric 4.8 mm reflective liquid crystal microdisplay.
Monitor LCD 46 mm TFT colour
Field of view Approximately 100%
A/D conversion 12 bits
Recording media Type I and II CompactFlash cards/ 170MB;340MB;512MB and 1GB IBM Microdrives as of June 2001.
File formats Exif 2.1 (JPEGTIFF)/motion JPEG (avi)and RAW.

DCF 1.0 and DPOF compliant.

Print Image Matching Yes
Menu languages English/German/French/Spanish
Video output NTSC and PAL
Batteries 4 AA alkaline or Ni-MH batteries
Battery performance (recording) Approx. number of recorded images:200 frames

Based on Minolta standard test method

Ni-MH batteries/EVF on/LCD monitor off/flash used with 50% of the frames/no instant playback.

Battery performance (playback) Approx. continuous playback time:110 min.

Based on Minolta standard test method/Ni-MH batteries/LCD monitor on/EVF off.

External power source AC adaptor (AC-1L or AC-2L)

High-power battery pack (EBP-100)

Dimensions 116.5 (W) X 90.5 (H) X 112.5 (D) mm
Weight Approximately 505g

(without batteries or CompactFlash card)

Operating temperature 0° - 40°C
Operating humidity 5 - 85% (non-condensing)

Download Minolta DiMAGE 5 Owners Manual here.

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  • Candace Gotcher January 2, 2012 4:08 am #

    I own a MinoltaDimage A200, that originally came with software for editing my photos etc, but then I had some computer problems and now the software is not all there on my computer. I cannot find my copy of the software, so that I can re-install it to my computer again.
    Can you help?


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