Applies to
Microtech Zio! MMC / Secure Digital Reader

Windows 2000/XP



2.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (ver. 0.17.8)


It has been quite an effort to find Microtech ZIO MMC/Secure Digital Card reader driver. Lets see:

First by goggling microtech zio, I went to Steves Digicam website, which featured a ZIO card reader review, together with a link to Zio driver download website.

Turn out that the Microtech Zio download page is gone. Refer to the main page, I found that On September 1, 2005 SmartDisk Corporation acquired the Zio product line.

Next I went to SmartDisk website. Great, the download page for Zio line of products is up in SmartDisk website. Seems that SmartDisk in turn has sold all its assets to Verbatim Corporation. Hmm, I sense some problems here, more on that later.

OK, so I found the driver download link and this is what I got: error 404 page not found. The links for all products are there, just that the links are broken.

So I went to Verbatim driver download site to look for our Microtech Zio driver. Lets see: tried search for Zio and no result found. Manually look through the USB card reader driver ad found that no sight of Zio, only Verbatims own Store n Go USB Drive drivers.

So there you go, no driver for now but I will keep looking for this particular Microtech Zio driver and I will update here as soon as I found them (hopefully but unlikely).

*Same result for Microtech USB CameraMate driver, links broken.

Download MicroTech Zio! MMC / Secure Digital Reader Driver here.

2 thoughts on “MicroTech Zio! MMC / Secure Digital Reader Driver

  • tedk August 28, 2010 8:45 am #

    hope i can find my cd if i will let you know

  • Tom September 9, 2010 5:21 am #

    I have a disk , may be able to send you the file. Let me know


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