Applies to
Micro Innovations USB PC Webcam IC50c (Black/Gray)

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Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98

Micro Innovations Corp.


17.70 MB

Driver Date & Version
9/13/2002 (ver.

There are two models of Micro Innovations IC50C webcams listed on Micro Innovations website: black and gray models. Each of them is having a different driver and what I found strange is both are available for download from different website location. For ease of download I have group them into one file so you can download from one place.

Upon installing the Gray model driver, you will see an InstallShield Wizard installing ICatch (VI) PC Camera. There are some notes for you to install the driver:

  1. If you have never set up this driver before, please disconnect the USB device.

    After the installation finished, plug in the camera according to the instructions.

  2. If you have been installed the driver, that is, you just want to update the driver, remember to plug in the USB device before the installation is going.

Upon installing the Black model driver, you will be prompt to install a [Basic Webcam] driver instead. Frankly I do not have this Micro Innovations IC50C webcam so you may want to find out which model you are using before you proceed to install the Gray or Black version of the IC50C drivers. From what I see on the driver file date, the Black version is newer (2004) compare to the Gray version (2002). Anyhow, remember to backup your important files before making any changes to your system.

20140106: rapidshare link is down. will try to find another link for the driver file.

Micro Innovations Webcam IC50c Driver

11 thoughts on “Micro Innovations Webcam IC50c Driver

  • Alan Moore

    I have the black version of this camera and the label is scraped off so I do not know for sure what the model number is. But it does appear to be the IC50c in black. I installed the black version and took the basic webcam feature. It works fine in Yahoo Messenger now and that was my goal.

  • david

    i got a new com and lost my software for my micro innovations webcam. is there anyway to download it or do i have to buy a new one?

  • jeania

    send me the a driver for IC50c for gray and black model pleaseeeee

  • monte beltz

    i am not good with computers,sure could use help mine is gray

  • Shannon

    I need help…I need the driver sent to my email please….I have the grey one!!!

  • James

    How do I get the camera to record something?

  • Chris

    I need the driver for the IC50C – Black sent to my email. It would help out a lot.

  • pete

    I have the black ic50 webcam and need the driver download sent to me.

  • tony

    i have the gray model ic50 webcam please send me the driver for this via email thanks

  • Darrell

    Please send me the updated driver for the gray IC50C webcam, I have the original disk but after I download the driver nothing happens the message pops up that I do no have any video capture hardware – does this mean my computer is incapable of adding a webcam?

  • Joni

    I have black and gray iC50C webcam. I also have Windows 8. Is there an updated driver or do I need a new webcam


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