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Keithley MetraByte PIO-96 ISA Bus Digital I/O Board


Keithley Instruments, Inc.


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Driver Date & Version
December 1999 (Forth Printing)


Users manual for Keithley Metrabyte PIO-96 ISA bus digital I/O board. This is the forth printing version. Previous versions include Revision C (Apr 1993) and Revision D (December 1999).

This PIO-96 user manual is 40 pages long and you can find the table on content in page 7. Chapters in the manual are:

  1. General Description on the PIO-96 board as well as supportting software.
  2. Installation of the board (switch/jumper/cable).
  3. Programming.
  4. Specifications.
  5. I/O Address Map.
  6. User Serviceable Parts.

Metrabyte PIO-96 Specifications

Logic inputs and outputs
Min. Max.
Input logic low voltage -0.5 +0.8V
Input logic high voltage 2.0 5.0V
Input load current PA / PB / & PC ports (0 < Vin < 5v) -10 +10µA
Input low current interrupt inputs - -0.4mA
Input high current interrupt inputs - 20µA
Output low voltage PA / PB & PC ports (Isink = 1.7mA) - 0.45V
Output high voltage PA / PB & PC ports 2.4V -
Output source current PB & PC ports only (Vout = 1.5V / 8 outputs max.) -1.0 -4.0mA

Power consumption
+5V 1.6 Amp max. plus any external load
+12V Not used
-12V Not used

Mechanical and environmental
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature Range -20 to +70°C
Humidity 0-90% noncondensing
Weight 7oz (210gm)

Download Metrabyte PIO-96 Manual here.

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