Applies to
Medion Pocket PC PDA PPC 250 series (MD 41338, MD 41584, MD 41800)

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME.



7.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
2/13/2007 (ver. 4.5)


According to Medion Pocket PC MD41800 user manual, under page 27: "Synchronization Between Pocket PC and PC", When you insert the Pocket PC in the charging/synchronization docking station, Microsoft ActiveSunc is automatically started...

So that means the default synchronisation software for Medion Pocket PC MD41800 is actually Microsoft ActiveSync. ActiveSync is a mobile data synchronization technology and protocol developed by Microsoft. The desktop ActiveSync program allows a mobile device, such as Medion Pocket PC MD41800 to be synchronized witha desktop PC.

The latest version of ActiveSync is version 4.5.5096. We can download from Microsoft website. ActiveSync works with Windows XP SP2 or earlier. In order to synchronise your Medion Pocket PC MD41800 in Windows Vista and Windows 7, you will need to use Windows Mobile Device Center software, also from Microsoft.

Download Medion Pocket PC MD41800 Synchronisation Software here.

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