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PDF User Manual for PNA 150/2xx/ series (PNA 150, PNA 200, PNA 220, PNA 240). English, French and German.

PDF Reader.

Medion USA


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2/12/2005 (ver. 1.0)


Medion PNA 240 is a popular GPS device from Medion. It has a 3.5" color touchscreen, integrated GPS antenna, preloaded maps, optional traffic, MP3 player and SD card slot.

User manual for Medion PNA 240 is available for download on Medion USA Driver and Manuals page. I am using "PNA 240" as the search terms in Medion Full text search. There are three versions of User Manual available:

  1. User Manual PNA 150/2xx/ series (English)
  2. User Manual PNA 150/2xx/ series (French)
  3. User Manual PNA 150/2xx/ series (German)

To make sure the 2xx series is including in PNA 240 model, I checked on the detailed page and yes Medion PNA 240 is applicable. Other Medion models applicable including PNA 150, PNA 200 and PNA 220.

The PDF user manual is 56 pages and strangely refers to the Medion PNA device as "Model A" and "Model B". from the look and functionality descriptions both are identical, just the design of the integrated GPS antenna is a little bit different. See images below for the difference:

Below is a summary of chapters on Medion PNA 240 user manual. You can refer to the user manual for more information:

  1. Safety and Maintenance
  3. Initial Set-up
  4. Operating
  5. Navigation
  6. MP3
  7. FAQ
  8. Customer Service
  9. Appendix

Download Medion PNA 240 User Manual here.

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