Applies to
Maxtor Personal Storage External Harddisk

Windows 98 SE



1654.0 KB

Driver Date & Version
12/2/2002 (ver. 1.0)


For Maxtor Personal Storage 3100, only Windows 98 need to have driver installed. For Windows 2000, XP and Vista, you do not need a driver to use it.

To install the Windows 98 driver for Maxtor Personal Storage 3100, follow the steps below:

  1. Download and extract PS3100_98SE_Drivers.exe to the computer to which you connect the Personal Storage to. Maxtor suggests that you extract the file to the C:\\> drive.
  2. Browse to the C:\\PS3100_98SE_Drivers folder and double-click on the 3100_98SE_Drivers file. This will launch the InstallShield Wizard.
  3. At the Welcome Screen, click Next
  4. Reveiew and accept the terms of the License Agreement and click Next.
  5. At this point, the drivers will install for the Personal Storage 3100. When prompted, click Finish.
  6. Close all windows and shutdown your PC
  7. Connect the Personal Storage 3100 to your PC and reboot.

Download Maxtor Personal Storage 3100 Driver here.

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