Applies to
HP branded 5064-2610 MATROX AGP Graphic Card.

Windows 98, Windows ME(available with OS), Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP (32bit only)



6.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
Feb. 26, 2002 (ver. 5.82.018)


This is the Matrox part number PN 5064-2610 graphic card picture I found on ebay and amazon. Apparently it is listed as

  1. "HP 5064-2610 MATROX P4 GRAPHICS CARD" on ebay and
  2. "MATROX - Video card MIL2P/4/HP, 5064-2610,D3568-69102,(b.11A) - 708-01" on amazon.

Based on this information, 5064 2610 Hp Matrox Millenium Ii 4mb Dual Head Pci Graphics Controller Card, I tried to find on Matrox website, legacy drivers. The nearest match is a "Chipset spec: 2164 Card name:Millennium II"

So the nearest match for your Matrox PN 5064-2610 is the Millennium II driver. The driver available from Windows 98 till Windows XP, after that the driver support is "non planned".

The driver file supports many other Matrox models, including following products: Millennium G550, Millennium G450, Marvel G450 eTV, Millennium G400, Matrox G200 MMS, Millennium G200, Mystique G200, MGA G200, Productiva G100 MMS, Productiva G100, G100, Millennium 2, Mystique 220, Mystique and Millennium.

Please let me know is the driver working for your PN 5064-2610, thanks.

Download Matrox PN 5064-2610 Driver here.

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