Applies to
EpicA Series, Extio F1220, Extio F1400, Extio F1420, G450x2 MMS, G450x4 MMS, Millennium G450, Millennium G450 Low-profile, Millennium G450 PCI, Millennium G550, Millennium G550 Dual DVI, Millennium G550 Low-profile PCI, Millennium G550 LP PCIe, Millennium G550 PCIe, Millennium P650 , Millennium P650 Low-profile PCI, Millennium P650 LP PCIe 64, Millennium P650 PCIe 128, Millennium P690 LP PCIe x1, Millennium P690 LP PCIe x16, Millennium P690 PCI, Millennium P690 PCIe x16, Millennium P690 Plus LP PCI, Millennium P690 Plus LP PCIe x16, Millennium P750, Parhelia 128MB, Parhelia 256MB, Parhelia 256MB PCI, Parhelia APVe, Parhelia DL256 PCI, PJ-40LP, QID, QID Low-profile PCI, QID LP PCIe, QID Pro

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista

Matrox Graphics


12.10 MB

Driver Date & Version
Mar. 27, 2008 (ver. SE U)


Matrox G450 Driver Installation

  1. Before installing this driver, it is recommend you uninstall your current display driver using Microsoft Add/Remove Programs. Do not uninstall drivers if products by Matrox Video or Matrox Imaging are installed in your system.
  2. This driver supports independent and stretched multi-display modes as well as extra display resolutions, including support for custom resolutions
  3. For more information about independent and stretched mode support for quad-display products for this driver, please refer here.
  4. The SE driver has a standard interface that does not require Microsoft .NET Framework software.
  5. The TV output capability of QID graphics cards is not supported with this driver. TV-out is only supported with a 1.x SE based driver and only in SD and in stretched mode.

Supported Matrox Graphic Cards for This Vista Driver

  1. EpicA Series
  2. Extio F1220
  3. Extio F1400
  4. Extio F1420
  5. G450x2 MMS
  6. G450x4 MMS
  7. Millennium G450
  8. Millennium G450 Low-profile
  9. Millennium G450 PCI
  10. Millennium G550
  11. Millennium G550 Dual DVI
  12. Millennium G550 Low-profile PCI
  13. Millennium G550 LP PCIe
  14. Millennium G550 PCIe
  15. Millennium P650
  16. Millennium P650 Low-profile PCI
  17. Millennium P650 LP PCIe 64
  18. Millennium P650 PCIe 128
  19. Millennium P690 LP PCIe x1
  20. Millennium P690 LP PCIe x16
  21. Millennium P690 PCI
  22. Millennium P690 PCIe x16
  23. Millennium P690 Plus LP PCI
  24. Millennium P690 Plus LP PCIe x16
  25. Millennium P750
  26. Parhelia 128MB
  27. Parhelia 256MB
  28. Parhelia 256MB PCI
  29. Parhelia APVe
  30. Parhelia DL256 PCI
  31. PJ-40LP
  32. QID
  33. QID Low-profile PCI
  34. QID LP PCIe
  35. QID Pro

Download Matrox G450 Vista Driver here.

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