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Philips GoGear Portable video player SA5285 8GB High-definition headphones with FullSound™ and SuperScroll™

PDF Reader

Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V.


2.78 MB

Driver Date & Version
12/17/2008 (N/A)


Note that GoGear SA5285/37 is a Philips product, not Sony. Philips GoGear SA5285/37 is actually a portable 8GB video player not MP3 player. This GoGear video player manual is in English language and has 41 pages all together. This manual is also suitable for SA5225, SA5245, SA5247, SA5285, SA5287, SA5295 model of GoGear video player. 41 pages of manual is indeed a very comprehensive and detail manual. However, if you are looking for a simpler version of user manual for your GoGear SA5285/37, please click here. This version of manual has only in total 25 pages and it is suitable for user who want a quick start reference on how to use their GoGear SA5285/37. The quick start manual guide the user on how to install, connect and charge, transfer and finally enjoy your video player.

Download Manual For Sony GoGear MP3 SA5285 here.

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