Applies to
Lite-On DVD RWs

Lite-On DVD RWs

LITE-ON IT Corporation America


952 kb

Driver Date & Version
01/21/2005 (1.3.5)


This is an utility that help you to change the bitsetting for DVD media when you record or burn a DVD using Lite-On DVD RW. If you need further details explanation on this software, please click here.

Lite-On bitsetting tool allows user to burn their DVD disc with the DVD-ROM book type. The main reason for this requirement would be some DVD players in the market will not be able to read the normal DVD+R disc output from Lite-On DVD RW. Hence, the bitsetting tool allows the user to change the book type and ensure the output of the DVD RW is compatible with their DVD players.

Download LiteOn Bitsetting Tool here.

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