Applies to
Linksys WPC54G

Windows Vista, 98, ME, 2000

Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.


62.2 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/12/2006 (ver. ) ()


For Linksys WPC54G Downloads page, the drivers are available for download according to the hardware version. First you need to identify the version of your hardware by locating a small sticker beside or beneath the hardare, with model number being labeled as "version", "ver." or "V". If there is no version number beside the model number on your Linksys product, the device is version 1.

For example, the picture above showing a WPC54G with version number 3 indicating by the word "V3" at the end of the model number.

Back to Linksys WPC54G driver download page, we can see the hardware number from "Hardware version 1.0", "Hardware version 2.0" till "Hardware version 7.1". However for "Hardware version 3.0" the text "No firmware/driver download available" is stated. Ok lets continue.

I further try downloaded driver for hardware version 3.1 and open the Release Notes text file to see if any mentioning of hardware version 3.0 support. Driver version for hardware version 3.1 is "Version: " and there IS driver support for hardware 3.0 since driver version 3.100.64, proof as below:

Driver Version 3.100.64
supports version 3 hardware
As hardware support is always succeeded by later version of driver, so we can assume that driver version should be able to support hardware 3.0, which is supported by driver version 3.100.64, but nowhere to be found in Linksys website.

Download Linksys Wireless G WPC54G Ver 3 Driver here.

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