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LG Portable DVD Player DP781

PDF Manual



1.37 MB

Driver Date & Version
2007 (ver. 1.0)


To find the instructions for your LG Portable DVD player model DP-781, you can actually refer to the owner manual.The manual is available for download and is only 44 pages long. So just a quick look will let you get the idea on how to start using its features and functionality.

Here is a brief description on the owner manual for LG DP781:

  1. Introduction
  2. Safety Precautions
  4. Contents
  5. Before Use.
    1. About the Symbol Display.
    2. Symbol Used in this Manual
    3. Notes on Discs
    4. Maintenance and Service
    5. Types of Playable Discs
    6. Regional Code
  6. Identification of Controls
    1. Main Unit
    2. Remote Control
  7. Power Connections
    1. Connect the AC adapter
    2. Connect the Automotive adapter.
    3. Battery Pack
  8. Rotating the LCD
  9. Playing a Disc
  10. Advanced Operations
  11. Displaying Disc Information on-screen.
  12. Initial Settings
    1. General Operation.
    3. DISPLAY.
    4. AUDIO
    5. LOCK (Parental Control).
    6. OTHERS.
  13. General Features
  14. Additional Features
  15. Playing an Audio CD or MP3/WMA file
  16. Programmed Playback
    1. Repeat Programmed Tracks
    2. Erasing a Track from Program List
    3. Erasing the Complete Program List.
  17. Viewing a JPEG file
    1. Slide Show.
    2. Still Picture
    3. Moving to another file
    4. Zoom
    5. To rotate picture
    6. To listen to MP3/WMA music while watching picture
    7. JPEG disc compatibility with this unit is limited as follows
  18. Playing a DVD VR format Disc
  19. Playing an USB Flash Drive
  20. Connections
  21. Setting up the Player
    1. AV output Connections
    2. AV input Connections
    3. Audio Connection to Optional Equipment
  22. Reference
  23. Troubleshooting. Language Codes Area Codes Specifications

Download LG Portable DVD / CD Player Model DP-781 Instruction Manual here.

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  • C. HALL September 2, 2009 10:55 am #

    would like to purchase a battery pack for my LG DP 781 DVD PLAYER AND A HOME AC ADAPTER.


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