Applies to
LG 145 Mobile Phone


LG Electronics.


8.40 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/22/2007 (ver. MMBB0241601(1.0))


I could not find LG 145PR mobile phone user manual on LG Electronics website. Under [Manuals and Documents] page, instead of download link for user manuals, links for Acrobat reader and DjVu software are provided.

However, I managed to find the user manual for LG 145 (PR?) at instead. The PDF driver is listed to be the user manual for LG145 phone and may not compatible with LG 145PR. Here are some technical specifications listed for LG145, see if it is same as your LG 145PR:

  1. Specifications:
    1. Unit Dimensions: 3.88 inch x 2.02 inch x 0.58 inch
    2. Unit Weight: 3.4 oz
  2. Battery Life
    1. 3.5 hours max. (210 minutes)
    2. 840 mAh LiIon
  3. Frequency
    1. 1.9GHz CDMA PCS
  4. Display & User Interface
    1. Indicators for battery power & signal strength
    2. Large 65K color internal LCD
    3. Unobtrusive internal antenna
  5. Connectivity
    1. TTY/TDD compatibility with phone adapter (sold separately)
    2. Synchronize your phone book and calendar to your compatible PC via USB cable

One small notes: After I downloaded and opened the user manual, I noticed the manual is meant for LG AX145! Are they the same models (all ended with [145]) and with different outer shape/designs/mobile networks? The picture of LG PR 145 I saw on LG website is like this:

The one listed on LG PR145/AX145 user manual is like below (flip version):

Download LG Mobile LG-145PR User Manual here.

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