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TracFone LG 600G Phone

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LG Electronics / TracFone Wireless, Inc.


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28 Mac 2008 (ver. 1.0 (MMBB0264304))


This is the LG 600G user guide PDF file available from TracFone website. Some of the contents in the manual may differ from your LG 600G phone depending on the software of your phone or your service provider.

The PDF manual is 204 pages long and is available on both English and Spanish. According to opinions from users on some online forums, the manual is [woefully inadequate to explain how to use the phone functions]. Well, frankly speaking I found the opinion is true in some context. For example, the table of contents is using both red and black coloring for some of the chapters. Naturally you will expect some explanation on why some chapters are in red colour. Well, not a word on the meaning of the red colour for some chapters. Just a wild guess, I think red colored chapters are more important and must-read.

Beside that, the manual is very simple. Too simple for advanced users I would say. You can learn about very basic stuff such as making calls, entering text and settings.

To learn more on advanced setting and usage for your LG 600G phone, I think you will have to visit online forums for inputs from other users. One of the more complete discussions on LG 600G is available here.

Download LG 600G Manual here.

2 thoughts on “LG 600G Manual

  • roger pelkey October 31, 2012 8:27 am #

    dont know how to put speakerphone on any help? ps im 69 & not savvy to cell phones.the manual i have doesnt say how.Thanks

    • adminPost author November 1, 2012 1:10 am #

      Hi Roger,

      Try this: During a call, press right soft key ‘options’, then select ‘speaker on’ the speakerphone icon will appear on the screen. It will automatically switch off at the end of the call.


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