Applies to
LG LCD TV 32LC2D, 32LC2DC, 37LC2D and 42LC2D Plasma TV 42PC3D, 42PC3DC, 42PC3DV, 50PC3D, 50PC3DX, 42PC1DVH, 42PC3DH, 42PC3DVA and 50PC3DH

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Manual in PDF format



7.36 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/07 (rev. 07)

This is the user manual for

LCD TV Models

  1. 32LC2D
  2. 32LC2DC
  3. 37LC2D
  4. 42LC2D


  1. 42PC3D
  2. 42PC1DVH
  3. 42PC3DC
  4. 42PC3DH
  5. 42PC3DV
  6. 42PC3DVA
  7. 50PC3D
  8. 50PC3DH
  9. 50PC3DX

  1. You are advised to read this manual carefully before operating your television set.
  2. Retain it for future reference.
  3. Record model number and serial number of the set.
  4. See the label attached on the back cover and quote this information to your dealer when you require service.

LG 50PC3D Owner Manual

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