Applies to
Lexmark X11xx Series All In One Printers (Including Lexmark X1110, Lexmark X1130, Lexmark X1140, Lexmark X1150, Lexmark X1155, Lexmark X1160, Lexmark X1170, Lexmark X1180, Lexmark X1185, Lexmark X1190 and Lexmark X1195)

Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003



23.5 MB

Driver Date & Version
Mar 10, 2005 (ver.


This is the latest driver (ver. 2.0.22) for Lexmark X1100 Series All-In-One Driver for Microsoft Windows XP and Server 2003.

Please note that this download with size of 23.5 MB only includes the printer and scanner software. So if you want the additional software that come with the original driver CD, you can contact Lexmark for support information on this file at Technical Support Center. However, there will be a fee to cover materials and handling if requested from the Technical Support Center.

The Lexmark X1160printer driver can be downloaded from Lexmark web site free of charge, or you can download directly via the download link provided.

For Windows Vista user using Lexmark X11xx series printers, Lexmark has this warning for you:

If you have installed your printer on your PC using an original Lexmark Driver CD that came with your product and you are experiencing problems when printing, you may have installed the Windows XP driver.

Follow these steps to resolve:

  1. Disconnect your USB cable from your printer.
  2. Uninstall all Lexmark printer drivers on your PC.
  3. Download the correct Vista driver for your model.
  4. Install the driver on your PC.
  5. Do not reconnect the USB cable until the install software prompts the question of how the printer is connected.

So whoever having a problem with the printers in Windows Vista, please double check your driver, who knows the above installation tips may save you countless hour of troubleshooting.

Download Lexmark X1155 X1160 X1170 X1180 X1185 X1190 Windows XP / Server 2003 Driver v2.0.2.2 here.

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