Applies to
Dell TrueMobile 300 Bluetooth Internal card, Dell Latitude D600 Notebook

Windows 2000, Windows XP

Dell Inc.


20 MB

Driver Date & Version
8/10/2004 (BTW - Stack Only, A05)


This version of Latitude D600 bluetooth driver is the latest available. Prior to this version, there are 3 other version namely:

  1. v. SP4, A02 release on 9/8/2003
  2. v.BTW, A01, release on 5/5/2003
  3. v.BTW1.3.2.17, A00, release on 3/11/2003

This release improves Microsoft Windows XP SP2 compatibility over previous releases. Note that this version of driver is also suitable for the following Dell systems:

  1. Inspiron 500m
  2. Inspiron 300m
  3. Inspiron 8500
  4. Inspiron 9100
  5. Inspiron 9200
  6. XPS/Inspiron XPS
  7. Inspiron 8600
  8. Inspiron 510m
  9. Inspiron 600m
  10. Latitude D500
  11. Latitude X300
  12. Latitude D400
  13. Latitude D505
  14. Latitude D600
  15. Latitude D800
  16. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M60

As this driver comes in executable file format, hence it makes the installation very simple. After you have download the R82522.EXE file onto your Dell Latitude D600, you just have to double click on the R82522.EXE file to begin the installation. Just follow the on screen instruction that is very straight forward, and you will complete the installation in no time.

Download Latitude D600 Bluetooth Driver here.

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