Applies to
MPS1-T / MPS1-2 Ethernet Print Servers, MPS100 Fast Ethernet Print Servers

Windows NT, Windows for Wordgroups, MacOS



356.0 KB

Driver Date & Version
Oct 6, 1998 (rev. A)


Short Introduction to Lantronix Micro Print Server (MPS)

The Lantronix Micro Print Server (MPS) is a multiprotocol print server that provides shared network access to printers for a variety of network protocols and operating systems.

The MPS supports the AppleTalk (EtherTalk), Microsoft LAN Manager, Local Area Transport (LAT), IPX (NetWare), and TCP/IP protocols. The MPS can queue multiple pending jobs and service those jobs in the order that they are received from the hosts. The Centronics parallel port on the back of the MPS is compatible with the Hewlett-Packard Bitronics interface, which allows bi-directional communication on the parallel port.

There are three MPS models which are the same except for the Ethernet interface used.

  1. MPS1-T: RJ45 port for 10BASE-T connections
  2. MPS1-2: BNC connector for 10BASE-2 connections
  3. MPS100: auto-negotiate between 10BASE-T and 100BASE-T media connected to its RJ45 port.

The features, installation process, and configuration procedures for these three models are the same.

Download Lantronix MPS1 Micro Print Server Installation Manual here.

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