Applies to
KODAK EASYSHARE DX3500 Digital Camera

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1.30 MB (Up to 45MB for Full Download)

Driver Date & Version
9/19/2007 (ver. 6.4)

20161016: EASYSHARE Software is not available for purchase on CD.

KODAK EASYSHARE Software is no longer available as a download. We regret any inconvenience to you.

Software is a piece of computer program that resides on your computer and enables it to communicate with your device (camera, printer dock, photo printer, card reader, etc.). In this case, the software [KODAK EASYSHARE Software] will enable your PC to talk with your Kodak DX3500 camera and perform some predefined tasks, such as transferring files, printing and reading the memory cards.

Kodak EasyShare Software For Kodak DX3500 Camera Installation

  1. Download the software file install_easyshare.exe and run it.
  2. Select Language -> Accept terms of License Agreement
  3. Select Country and type of setup: Typical or Custom
  4. Follow on screen instructions to complete the installation. The Kodak EasyShare software will now access to the Internet to download the necessary files of around 45 MB.
  5. When the download is complete, select Start > Programs > Kodak > Kodak EasyShare > Kodak Easyshare software.

The same driver is compatible with DX6340 camera. Please see Kodak DX6340 Driver for more info.

Kodak DX3500 Software

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