Applies to
ECS KM400 M2 Socket A Motherboard

Windows 98/2000/XP




Driver Date & Version
n/a (1.0A)


ECS KM400 M2 is feature-rich with the following specification:- FSB 333

  1. DDR 333
  2. RAID0, RAID1 support
  3. Serial ATA
  4. ATA133
  5. AGP 8X
  6. 10/100 LAN
  7. 6 Channel Audio
  8. USB2.0
  9. Color map

Just one piece of advice, please do not update the BIOS if your ECS KM400 M2 motherboard is running fine, and also if the BIOS patch doesn’t pertain to your current problem, do not flash it.

Why, because unsuccessful BIOS flash may cause the system fails to boot up. SoftwareDriverDownload is not responsible for any BIOS flash failure thus making your motherboard useless.

Some features for this latest BIOS driver for ECS KM400 M2 is it will updated the BIOS_ID to support CD 2.1 VI, thus if you are having problem with CD 2.1, my advice is flash with this version 1.0A.

Download KM400 M2 Bios Driver Download here.

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