Applies to
KIP1230, KIP2001, KIP2002, KIP2003, KIP2004, KIP2436, KIP2710, KIP2900, KIP2950, KIP2980, KIP3820, KIP3850, KIP3880, KIP3900, KIP4000, KIP5000, KIP7090, KIP7095, KIP8000, KIP9000, KIP9020, KIP9810, KIP9820, KIP9900

Windows 2000, Windows XP

KIP America


655 KB

Driver Date & Version
3/3/2001 (ver.


Windows XP and Windows 2000 driver Installation is simple for KIP 2900 printers (and other models listed in [Applies To] above):

Windows XP/2000 Instructions

  1. Download the appropriate driver file (kip.exe)
  2. Save to a place on your hard drive (desktop is good)
  3. Double click on file to extract and install files.

However if you still facing problems after the above steps, you can manually install the KIP printer drivers by unzip the contents of kip.exe to a temporary directory and look for the .inf files to install the KIP printers.

Download KIP 2900 Printer Driver here.

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