Applies to
Kingston DTI/XX - USB DataTraveler I Drivers

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Windows 98/98SE




Driver Date & Version
12/16/2005 (ver.

This is the Windows 98SE Driver for Kingston DT1 (Data Traveler I )

Windows XP and Windows 2000 ship with drivers for this device, so no need to download from this website.

Kingston has officially discontinued its supports of Windows 98SE for DataTravelers, however drivers for still available for download and installation, just that Kingston cannot guarantee compatibility or operation.

If you experience problems installing the DTI.EXE Windows 98SE driver, see here for a generic Windows 98SE driver for DataTraveler I.

Kingston 512MB DTI Win98 Driver

2 thoughts on “Kingston 512MB DTI Win98 Driver

  • erico

    Funcionou no win98se obrigado…precisei escolher na lista o Data Traveller de 1Gb e deu certo.


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