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MXJVC MX 7000 Digital Camera





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IF you own a camcorder by the model number MX 7000 (either JVC or Sony), you are most likely not be able to find the necessary software from JVC or SONY. Why? Because it is a fake.

Here are some of the information I managed to collect from various sources:

  1. This camera is manufactured by a company that is called MXJVC which tries to full people who think they buy a JVC camera. (source)

  2. Being manufactured in East Asia the MX7000 is an unbranded camcorder, it is not a Sony or a JVC or any other name the rip-off merchants wish to stick on it.

    If you do purchase an MX7000 bear in mind that you need software drivers to enable communication with your PC and, of course, you will not find these on Sony or JVC website so make sure that the camcorder is complete with software. (source)

  3. And this final and most important piece of information from JVC itself:

    JVC have been made aware of certain camcorders, digital still camera and DVD players being sold under the brand name MXJVC and with these products are documents indicating that JVC is responsible for after sales service.

    These products are NOT genuine JVC and have no connection whatsoever with JVC. (source)

So my advice is: If it had a memory card, just buy a memory reader for the card, it will be faster and easier than looking for a correct working software driver.

If it is available for a very low price, please at least insist of getting it with complete software to connect to your PC.

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  • bjamnstrong January 8, 2010 8:21 am #

    hi, i really need this controller


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