Applies to
JVC GR-D70U, GR-D90U, DV 500, 800 and 900.

Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98



1.41 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/2/2002 (ver. USBSTG4E)


There are two folders under the zipped file: /UsbSTG4E/ and /JVCG726E/

To install the driver, download and unzip

The USB Mass Storage Class Driver is located under /UsbSTG4E/ folder. Run the setup.exe inside the folder to start the USB driver installation. Restart your PC after that.

We also found a G.726 Decoder Setup program under the folder /JVCG726E/disk1/. G.726 according to Wikipedia is an ITU-T ADPCM speech codec standard covering the transmission of voice at rates of 16, 24, 32, and 40 kbit/s. Apparently Canon, Sharp and JVC are among the few manufacturers that support this codec standard in their audio/video products.

Download JVC GR-D90/D90U Digital Video Camera USB Driver here.

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