Applies to
iRiver iFP-300 Serier MP3 Player with FM Tuner

PDF Software



3.09 MB

Driver Date & Version
07/23/2003 (ver. 1.0)


This is the instruction manual for iRiver iFP-300 series of MP3 players. The instruction manual is in PDF format so you will need a PDF viwer software to open and read it.

The manual is divided into four chapters, namely:

  1. Locating the Controls: Front/side/LCD views.
  2. Basic Operations: Installing software, file transfer, basic player controls and FM/Voice recording.
  3. Useful Features: Navigation, playback, program and EQ modes.
  4. Additional Information: Power supply, troubleshooting, accessories and specifications.

Although by looking at the table of content, you will assume that everything is listed in order and things will be easy to refer to. Well, read further and you will find that is not the case. It is my personal view so yours might not be the same.

I found the page layout and information presentation lack professionalism. There are very less space between illustrations and text, making the information hard to read. Screen captures are very small, you will not be able to see clearly what is the text and title of the windows. Very not user friendly and older users might not be able to use this guide properly.

Download iRiver iFP 390t Manual here.

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