Applies to
HP iPAQ h2200 Pocket PC series




5.45 MB

Driver Date & Version
May 2003 (ver. 1.0)


This is the English version of iPAQ Pocket PC h2200 series user guide. You can use this guide to setup your HP iPAQ 2200 Pocket PC and to learn about how it works. The user manual is 125 pages long and consists of the following important chapters:

  1. Getting to know your iPAQ Pocket PC

    Learn to use stylus, the main input method of Pocket PC

  2. Using ActiveSync

    Copying, synchronizing, install and backup settings and applications.

  3. Managing the battery

    Installing, removing and charging iPAQ 2200 battery.

  4. Learning the basics

    Using today screen and other applications

  5. Learning input methods
  6. Expansion Cards

    Installing, removing and viewing the content of memory cards used in iPAQ 2200

  7. Using bluetooth

    Understanding how bluetooth works in iPAQ 2200, working with Bluetooth Manager and setting up Bluetooth connections.

Download iPAQ 2200 User Guide here.

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