Applies to
Invision Power Board 1.3 Final

PHP 4.0.3 (or better) and mySQL 3.22 (or better)

Invision Power Services IPS


1.21 MB

Driver Date & Version
8 Aug 2004 (ver. 1.3 Final)


Well well, here is the famous and popular Invision Power BoardVersion 1.3 Final.

Some of you may ask: Why use this older ver. 1.3 while the latest version of IP Board is ver. 2.3.2 (Oct 10 2007)?

Well, Here are few factor why Invision Power Board 1.3 still prefer by users:

  1. IP Board 1.3 was the last FREE OF CHARGE version.
  2. IPS still permits it to be used, but does not offer a download or support.
  3. Ver. 1.3 is the only version of IPB free IPB hosting companies can use.
  4. IPBoard 2.x.x license does not allow hosting multiple boards by using the same license.

Being free, IPBoard has few disadvantages compare to new version:

  1. IPBoard 1.3 has some known security holes. Up until 2005, IPS offered security fixes, but with the advent of version 2.1, these have ceased.
  2. IBForen offers unofficial security patches for the 1.3.1 version, as well as a compatibility fix for PHP5 and MySQL 5
  3. Use of these fixes are not supported by IPS as the version is discontinued. Many free message board hosting companies, however, still use this version of Invision Power Board today.

I do not host the source file in my server, the link to Invision Power BoardVersion 1.3 Final is on free hosting site. Sorry guys, since I have found out the following statement on Invision Board 1.3 Final:

Invision Power Services no longer offers v1.3.1 for sale. And it\'s illegal for any other sites to distribute the copies of the software, the only legal place to download software from them is from their official website.

So I have taken down the download link in the download page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Download Invision Power Board 1.3 Final here.

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