Applies to
Logitech System Builders + Integrators Keyboard + Mice Combos Internet 1500 Cordless Laser Desktop

Windows Vista 64bit



54.80 MB

Driver Date & Version
1/28/2008 (ver. 4.4)


This is the Windows Vista x64 driver for Internet 1500 Cordless Laser Desktop.

Internet 1500 Cordless Laser Desktop is not listed under normal [Keyboard + Mice Combos] section, but instead it is listed under [System Builders + Integrators] -> [Keyboard + Mice Combos] category thus one will find it difficult to get the correct driver for this particular model.

The driver file is quite big at around 55 MB so please make sure you have a stable and fast Internet connection before attempt to download the driver.

Installation is simple. Please download the updated driver setpoint440_x64.exe and after finish downloaded into your system, run it and the driver installation process will be started automatically. Follow on screen instructions to complete the installation.

Download Internet 1500 Cordless Laser Desktop x64 Driver here.

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