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Intermec Trakker Antares 2420/2425 Terminals

PDF manual.

Intermec Technologies COrporation.


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02/06/2004 (ver. 1.0)


This is the quick start PDF user guide for Intermec Trakker Antares 242X (2420/2425) Handheld terminals.

Some information and differences on Trakker Antares 2420 and 2425:

  1. Trakker Antares 2420

    The 2420 has an integrated I/O port to transmit data to and accept data from a host computer or other serial device using RS-232 communications. You use these programmable terminals to run custom applications.

  2. Trakker Antares 2425

    The 2425 has all the capabilities of the 2420, and it can also communicate in a radio frequency (RF) network. The 2425 provides real-time communication with a host either through the access points and the Intermec Gateway or DCS 30X (UDP Plus or WTP) or directly through the access points (TCP/IP). The 2425 can also run client/server applications, TE 2000™ terminal emulation applications, and Data Collection Browser™ (dcBrowser™).

    The 2425 with an IEEE 802.11b radio installed is Wi-Fi certified for interoperability with other 802.11b wireless LAN devices.

The quick guide is just the basic descriptions and essential operations to start using your Intermec Trakker 2425. After reading the 9 pages manual, you will learn to:
  1. Charging and installing the Main Battery Pack.
  2. Charging and connecting the backup battery.
  3. Setup time and date.
  4. Serial port parameters configuration.
  5. Trakker 2425 Radio and Network Parameters.
  6. Using the keypad.
  7. Choosing the TE 2000 application.

    By default TE 2000 VT/ANSI is configured. You can change to TE 2000 5250 or TE 2000 3270.

  8. Technical Specifications.

Download Intermec Trakker 2425 User Manual here.

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