Applies to
Intermec Easycoder 3400 and other models (refer table below for complete list)

Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows Vista.



13.80 MB

Driver Date & Version
9/15/2009 (ver. 7.1.7)


Supported Intermec models are as below:

  1. EasyCoder 91
  2. EasyCoder 101
  3. EasyCoder 201
  4. EasyCoder 301
  5. EasyCoder 401
  6. EasyCoder 501
  7. EasyCoder 501XP
  8. EasyCoder 601
  9. EasyCoder 601XP
  10. EasyCoder 3240
  11. EasyCoder 3400D
  12. EasyCoder 3400E
  13. EasyCoder 3440
  14. EasyCoder 3600
  15. EasyCoder 4400
  16. EasyCoder 4420
  17. EasyCoder 4440
  18. EasyCoder 4830
  19. EasyCoder 7421
  20. EasyCoder 7422
  21. EasyCoder C4
  22. EasyCoder E4
  23. EasyCoder F2
  24. EasyCoder F4
  25. EasyCoder PB21
  26. EasyCoder PB22
  27. EasyCoder PB31
  28. EasyCoder PB32
  29. EasyCoder PB42
  30. EasyCoder PB50
  31. EasyCoder PB51
  32. EasyCoder PC4
  33. EasyCoder PC41
  34. EasyCoder PD4
  35. EasyCoder PD41
  36. EasyCoder PD42
  37. EasyCoder PF2i
  38. EasyCoder PF4Ci
  39. EasyCoder PF4i
  40. EasyCoder PF8d
  41. EasyCoder PF8d
  42. EasyCoder PM4i
  43. EasyCoder PW50
  44. EasyCoder PX4i
  45. EasyCoder PX6i.
For Intermec Easycoder printers drivers, you can download from Intermac driver download site but registration is required. You will need to provide your name, email address, office address and a password. After I have filled in all the necessary info the system allowed me to proceed to select driver files to download. However no email was sent to the email account I provided during registration.

The latest Windows Driver is ver. 7.1.7 and supports Windows 2000 and 32-bit and 64-bit editions of XP Professional, Server 2003, 2008 and Vista. However the navigation is very confusing. For example, before login you can see the driver version (ver. 7.1.7) but once you have log in you will see a bunch of related driver files without version number, just file names, dates and size, across five pages in which you have to open each one of them to compare the driver date against the one matching version 7.1.7.

One easy way is to click on the [Last Updated] and sort by date. Then select the latest available Windows driver.

Download Intermec EasyCoder 3400 Driver here.

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