Applies to
Intel D975XB, D975XBX Motherboards




2.55 MB

Driver Date & Version
August 2006 (ver. 1.3)


There are two language versions for Intel Desktop Board D975XBX: English and Chinese. By the way, this is the third version of the product guide, dated August 2006.

This Intel Product Guide gives information about board layout, component installation, BIOS updates and regulatory requirements for IntelĀ® Desktop Board D975XBX.

Although the Product Guide is intended only for technically qualified personnel, I do think normal users like you and me can benefit from reading the manual. It is really not that hard. Besides, with all the tables and figures and illustration, you will find it pretty easy to understand.

Few of the important chapters in Intel D975XBX manual are:

  1. Desktop Board Features: Basically talks on all the unique features the motherboard has. Good read to get to know basics on the motherboard.
  2. Installing and replacing the desktop board components.
  3. BIOS: Settings and how to update the bios version.
  4. Configuring for RAID (Intel Matrix Storage Technology), this requires Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 and SATA Hard Drive
  5. Overview on Intel Quick Resume Technology Driver technology.
  6. Error Messages and Indicators, figired and tables for easy references.

Download Intel D975XB Motherboard Manual here.

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