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If you are looking for driver for your Intel 536EP modem on Intel website, you will see this statement instead:

Where can I get the latest drivers or installation files for my modem?
Intel no longer provides generic drivers for modem chipsets. Contact the manufacturer to get drivers for your modem.

One might think that since Intel made the modem, hence the name "Intel 536EP", however that is not entirely true. Intel only design and manufacture the chipset used inside the modem, and third party manufacturer vendors use this chipset to market their own brand named modems. Technical support requests need to be addressed to the manufacturer of the complete modem product (internal card or external assembly).

Fortunately there are ways to get the correct working driver, provided you will need some basic knowledge on your Intel 536EP modem: the manufacturer of your modem. Here are some guidelines to find the manufacrurer:

  1. Point of purchase or system manufacturer– this recommendation is the easiest way to identify the modem manufacturer. For external modem this is easier as you can see the name and model number on the underside of the modem. For internal modem you probably need to open the computer casing and look at the modem card itself. Here is an example of internal Intel modem:

  2. Product packaging – look for the manufacturer on the box the product came in.

    Example a modem by Genica:

  3. Documentation – look at the instructions or literature that came with your modem. If the modem is internal (inside your system), look for the system manufacturer.
  4. Product – look at the product markings. The name of the manufacturer can be on the back of the unit or look for an FCC ID number or other number from a regulatory agency that can be traced.

    Example of an FCC ID

  5. Regulatory Agencies such as UL, CSA, or FCC database* or Equipment Authorization System can help, given a reference or certificate number.

    Link to FCC database

  6. Modem Properties – look in CMOS or BIOS information. The modem manufacturer can also be under Modem Properties displayed in "System Information" under Operating System "Accessories" or "System Tools." Note: This method can result in identification of the chipset and not the actual modem manufacturer.

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