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DXG-506V Digital Video Cameras

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DXG USA is funny in a way that they do not make the life of their users easier by putting all the necessary files (drivers, user manuals, specification sheets, etc) in an uniform central place. Instead files for the same product are spread over at other places.

To prove my case, here is how to find the download of instruction manual for its DXG-506V digital video camera:

  1. Going to DXG USA website and found the page for DXG-506V digital video camera.
  2. Tried to find the instruction manual for download. Wait... no where to be found. Only available file is Product Specification Sheet. So where is the instruction manual we need?
  3. Clicking on the Support button and was redirected to
  4. Now.. search for 506V in the search box provided. Few results returned.
  5. Tried the most probable result. Found the instruction manual finally.

So instead of one step where we can download all the files needed in one place, DXG decided to put them on other places and hope the users are smart enough to go thru the extra steps to find what they want.

Some information on the 50 pages long instruction manual:

This easy-to-follow manual shows you how to use your new DXG-506V digital video camera and install the included software.

You will find clear instructions on how to take pictures, record videos and sound, play MP3 files, and use the 506V as a Web camera.

Instructions on using the software to transfer photos and video segments from the camera into your computer are also provided.

Download Instructions Manuals for Model DXG-506V Digital Video Camera here.

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