Applies to
Iiyama ProLite E2200WS 22\" Wide LCD Monitor

Windows 95, Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP



719 KB

Driver Date & Version
08.01.2007 (ver. 1.00)


Inside the zipped driver file for Iiyama E2200WS, there are 4 README files to aid driver installation:

  1. README2000.TXT ---- Windows 2000
  2. README95.98.TXT --- Windows 95 & 98 (first edition)
  3. README98SE.Me.TXT - Windows 98 Second Edition & Me (Millenium edition)
  4. READMEXP.TXT ---- Windows XP

Windows NT & Mac OS do not have the device category of monitor, thus driver files are not required for monitor setup with these operating systems.

After you have extracted the zipped driver files, you will find many sub directories with many other model names. To make your life easier, here is the path to Iiyama E2200WS LCD monitor driver (assuming you are extracting to c:/:

c:/iiyama_drivers_08.01.2007/iiyama Drivers/Widescreen monitors/E2200WS(WSV)

Download Iiyama E2200WS Monitor Driver here.

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