Applies to
IBM Workgroup Printers Infoprint 12 PCL6

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP



731 KB

Driver Date & Version
8/2/2001 (ver. 1.00.04)


This is the IBM InfoPrint 12 Windows 2000 PCL6 Print Driver Version 1.00.04. You can find drivers for other OS such as Redhat Linux and Windows NT, 95, 98, ME here.

As for Windows XP driver, bad news is there is not have a Windows XP driver available for the InfoPrint 12 laser printer.

Good news is the Windows 2000 driver should work for most XP applications. If you experience problems you may try the Xerox Docuprint P1210 driver (built in drivers in XP) from the XP printer install wizard.

IBM InfoPrint 12 Windows 2000 PCL6 Driver Installation Steps

  1. Download the driver and perform the following to install the driver.
  2. To unpack the driver, enter: filename d:path /d, where filename is the name of the file and d:path is the drive and directory path where you want the files to be placed.
  3. Select [Start->Settings->Printers->Add Printers.]
  4. When it comes to adding the manufacture and model of your printer, select [Have Disk].
  5. Browse d:path where d:path is the drive and directory where you unpacked the driver. Select [ibm12.inf].
  6. To go forward, select Next. When you are finished, select Finish.

Download IBM InfoPrint 12 Driver here.

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