Applies to
iRiver T-30 Flash Type MP3 Player

For IRiver T-30 MSC version only




Driver Date & Version
2006-05-22 (ver. 1.71)


This is T30 Firmware V1.71 and you can upgrade through iRiver plus 2.

If your iRiver plus 2 does not display new firmware notice window, please go to menu Option -> Firmware upgrade to upgrade your device.

[Fixed Bug]
Minor bugs have been fixed.

iRiver T30 Firmware Installation Guide

  1. To perform the firmware upgrade, take the following steps.
  2. Check the firmware upgrade automatically by running iriverplus 2 and connecting T30.
  3. If there is any upgraded firmware, the pop-up message for firmware upgrade is displayed. Press the [Yes] button to keep the up-to-date firmware.
  4. The firmware upgrade progress bar appears.
  5. When the firmware upgrade is completed, the pop-up message for disconnecting T30 is displayed.
  6. Go to [ iriver - T30] and click [Disconnect Portable Device] with right mouse button to disconnect T30 following the provided instructions.
  7. The firmware upgrade is applied upon disconnecting T30 from iriver plus 2
  8. To use the [Firmware Upgrade] function, your computer should be connected to internet.
  9. To use the [Firmware Upgrade] function, iriver plus and T30 should be connected together.
  10. Do not disconnect the product during firmware upgrade.

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