Applies to

Windows XP, Windows Vista

HTC (High Tech Computer) Corporation


2.30 MB

Driver Date & Version
2008-08-06 (ver. Generic)


This modem driver is a WModem Installer application. It will load any missing driver on windows XP/Vista to make your HTC P4000 windows mobile device act as a modem using the USB connection.

HTC P4000 Modem Driver Installation Guide

  1. Download and run the modem driver installation program.
  2. You will see HTC Wireless Modem Driver Installation window version 1.2.13 dated 15 March 2007.

    Select [Install Driver] to start the modem driver installation to your device.

  3. Wait till the installation is done. You can now use your device as a modem.

However, please be aware that the modem feature is not supported on all HTC device models. For additional instructions follow the user manual on how to use your device as a modem.

Download HTC 4000 Modem Driver here.

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