Applies to
HP Designjet 330/350c Printer Plotter

Windows, MacOS, Linux, PDF Reader



2.04 MB

Driver Date & Version
1 Jan 2000 (ver. 1.0)


This is the user manual for HP Designjet 330/350c Printer Plotter.

To check the error codes for HP Plotter 350c, you can refer to the section on [Front-panel lights] on page 126 (press ctrl+g to go to page 126).

The lights on the front panel of HP Plotter 350c provide the means for your day-to-day communication with the plotter.

They tell you the plotter current status. If there is an error, the front panel LED lights will indicate the nature of the error.

In order to understand the meaning of each combination of lights, you must use the table in this chapter, as in most cases you would not be able to guess the meaning. You will therefore find this table of page 126 invaluable in troubleshooting.

Download HP Plotter 350c Error Codes here.

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