Applies to
HP Pavilion 8785c Desktop PC

Windows 2000/XP


via-s3_setup.exe (for VIA chipset) nvidia_setup.exe (for NVidia chipset)

7.5MB (VIA)

4.96MB (NVidia)

Driver Date & Version
Oct 2001 (ver. 1.0)


HP Pavilion 8785c Desktop PC uses either VIA or NVidia onboard video chipset. So you will need to check your PC specification or look on the motherboard to see the type of video chipset you are using.

Although installing the wrong driver may not spoilt your PC or monitor, you might render your display unable to see. If that happens, you will have to go to safe mode to uninstall the driver and try again with the correct driver.

Both NVidia and VIA video chipset are said intended for Windows ME systems that are being upgraded to Windows XP.

The VIA and NVidia video driver were not included on the Windows XP CD and is designed to improve the performance of applications supporting OpenGL.

So if you are still using HP Pavilion 8785c Desktop PC and need the video driver, you can download and install it now to get the correct settings and resolution for your display on monitor.

Download HP Pavilion 8785c Onboard Video Driver here.

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