Applies to

HP iPAQ h3835 Pocket PC

Microsoft Windows for Pocket PC 2002

Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.


13.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
29 July 2002 (ver. 1.20)


At HP driver download/support page for iPAQ h3835 Pocket PC, there are two supported OS: Windows for Pocket PC 2002 and Windows for Pocket 2003. I have checked and found that only ONE ROM update listed under Windows Pocket PC 2002. None for Windows for Pocket 2003. Sorry to disappoint you.

The link for ROM update for h3835 under Windows for Pocket PC 2002 is available here.

If you are interested on drivers/updates for iPAQ h3835 for Windows for Pocket PC 2003, they are available here (without ROM update though). Here is the list of available drivers/updates:

  1. Bluetooth keyboard driver
  2. Foldable keyboard driver
  3. Slim keyboard driver
  4. Micro keyboard driver
  5. Daylight Saving time fix
  6. Pocket PC 2003 Terminal Services Client Reconnect Workaround

Download HP iPAQ h3835 Pocket PC 2003 ROM/Driver/Fixes/Updates here.

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