Applies to
HP Pavilion dv1000 Notebook PC with Broadcom WLAN Network Chipset

Windows XP



3.32 MB

Driver Date & Version
2005-06-01 (ver. 4.00 C)


The driver file contains drivers for Windows XP Broadcom Wireless LAN adapters used in HP DV1000 notebook.

This driver supports 802.11i/WPA2 for a,b and g and certain b and g WLAN cards. For other cards, it provides Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) support. This driver also supports Cisco Compatible Extensions Program V3.0 features (software supplicant required) and provides support for [125 High Speed Mode] for notebooks with Broadcom 802.11g and 802.11a, b and g cards that support [125M High Speed Mode.]

There is another download [Broadcom Wireless Utility] which contains advanced user profile management, single-sign-on capabilities, advanced diagnostics, or access to wireless networks that use Cisco Compatible Extensions. Home and small office, home office (SOHO) users typically do not need this application. So you do not need to get that file.


  • Fixes issues with certain 802.11b and g cards and [125M High Speed Mode] support.
  • Fixes miscellaneous localization string issues.


  • Upgrade Broadcom WLAN driver Version to
  • Adds support for 802.11i/WPA2. This enhancement alone is worth the download and upgrade. WPA2 features more advanced data security on WLAN connection compares to older features such as WPA and WEP.
  • Adds support for Cisco Compatible Extensions Program V3.0 features.

Download HP DV 10000 Wireless Driver here.

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