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HP DesignJet 600 Plotter

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October 1992 (Second Edition)


This is a scanned version user guide for HP DesignJet 600 plotter. This user guide was published on year 1996 and was the second edition release.

There are total of 156 pages in the PDF manual and because of the nature of scanned manual and no OCR performed, you cannot do text searching, so you will have to rely on the table of content on page 7 to find the chapters/information you need fast.

HP DesignJet 600 plotter, as the name suggests, is a model intended for AutoCAD printing only. It is not recommended for Raster Images (.tiff, .jpg, .gif, etc.) or Adobe Acrobat Files (.pdf). This model has been discontinued and no longer for sale. See below for the technical specification of HP DesignJet 600:

Technology Black & White Monochrome InkJet (2 cartridges-black 51626A)
Product numbers C2847A: A-D (A4-A1)

C2848A: A-E (A4-A0)

Resolution Monochrome: 600 dpi addressable (Enhanced) / 300dpi (Final)
Languages HP-GL HP-GL/2 and HP RTL
Media Types Bond Vellum Special Inkjet Paper Translucent Papers Polyester Film
Roll feed Yes - with Auto Cutter
Long-Axis Plotting Yes Up to 50ft
Memory 4MB Standard - Maximum 20MB
Interfaces Centronics RS-232-C
Max. accumulated error +/- 0.015 inches (0.38 mm) or +/- 0.2% of the specified vector length whichever is greater. At 73 degrees F (23 C) 50 to 60% RH with HP InkJet polyester film
Width x depth x height C2847A 42.5 x 24.0 x 44.1 inches / (108 x 61 x 112 cm)

C2848A 54.0 x 26.8 x 46.0 inches /(137 x 68 x 117 cm)

Weight C2847A 125 lbs. (56.7 kg)

C2848A 149 lbs. (67.6 kg)

Download HP DesignJet 600 User’s Guide here.

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