Applies to
HP Color LaserJet 3500 Printer series/HP Color LaserJet CP3505 Printer series

Mac OS 9



8.60 MB

Driver Date & Version
2 Jan 2004 (ver. 1.7.1)


This is the Mac OS 9 driver for HP LaserJet 3500 series laser printers. This HP LaserJet Installer provides host-based driver support for Mac OS 9.x only. If you are looking for driver for other version of Mac OS or driver for Windows OS, you may download from HP driver download page.

The Mac OS 9 driver file is in SIT file extension, which is different from the .DMG file format we usually see. Digging down Apple support site, I managed to find some information on .SIT file extension which I hope is useful in downloading and installing the Mac OS 9 driver.

Here is the info I found:

If your downloaded file arrives in a compressed format such as a .bin, .sit, .sit .hqx, or .sea.hqx file, double-click the file to expand it first—you will need Allume Systems StuffIt Expander (a free utility) or similar application.

So .SIT file is a compressed file and you need to use StuffIt Expander utility ( Upon decompress it, I assume you can install it by double clicking on it.

Download HP Color LaserJet 3505 HD Printer Driver for Mac OS 9 here.

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