Applies to
Realtek HD Sound for Alienware Area-51 m7700 (Clevo D900T) Notebook

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7



97.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
7/9/2010 (ver.


Apparently Dell M7700/M7700i notebook is the same model as Clevo D900K/D900T notebooks. According to the technical specifications, the audio/sound hardware used is Realtek High Definition Audio.

Some users are looking for the version of the Realtek HD audio driver, after being advised by PC Pitstop driver update software. Below are some information on different driver versions I found on the Internet:

  1. D900T Audio Driver on
  2. Alienware M7700i Driver on
My theory is PC Pitstop is suggesting the latest version of Realtek HD audio driver even though the official version supported by both Clevo and Alienware is the older version

It is hard to say which version is better or suitable for your Alienware D900T. If you are not having any trouble with your current Realtek audio hardware, i would suggest you to stay as it is, or update to the official supported version, which is

However, if you are having problem with existing version of HD audio driver, you may update to the newer version, as suggested by PC Pitstop, or whatever driver scanning program you used.

Please note that although bothdrivers for Clevo and Alienware are having the same version number, their driver file size is a little bit different (40.8 MB vs 40.7 MB). Another thing is the newer version is much bigger in size at 97.0 MB

Download High Definition Audio Driver 12/25/09 for Alienware D900T Notebook here.

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